man += machine

Alexandre Andrada . MA Fine Art

My project is a personal exploration of my own relationship with current technological advances and its significant cultural, psychological, and individual impacts as consequences. By tracking personal data of different aspects of my private life, my project consists of an audiovisual projection which showcases a data visualization-based composition where I intend, not only to express personal inner conflicts, dilemas, and tensions, but also the importance and influence technology has on it.

My project tries to be a portrait of a specific period of my personal and professional life but I also like to think of it as a creative tool for self-knowledge and self-exploration.

The title for my project comes from the programming language I’m using to produce it (the Java-based Processing environment) where “+=” represents a value increment. Applied to my concept, for each software iteration, the variable “machine” (technology) is added to the variable “man” (myself).

Alexandre Andrada

Alexandre Andrada is an Interaction and Visual Designer and Artist born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

"After graduating in Graphic Design, I started working as a Visual Designer for different companies that were related to the cultural and design scene in Rio de Janeiro. I started creating poster designs for classical music concerts and then moved to visual identities for electronic media arts festivals, website deisgn, interface design, and so on. I’ve always liked engaged in a multidisciplinary approach to achieve my desired outcomes and as a means to develop new perspectives and skills.

After 2011, I started experimenting with my own creative projects that usually included mixing different media such as sound, typography, computer arts, video, data, and interactive media. These experimentations led me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Prague College in 2018."