Guardian Angel

Elena Firstova . MA Future Design

A virtual assistant “Guardian Angel” communicates with its “ward” through the earphone. It was designed primarily to help people with attention deficit disorder. The function of “G.A.” is to motivate ADD or ADHD person to finish tasks, it also works as a reminder, because it is able to collect all data from the calendar, messages, telephone call and the most importantly it can analyze your conversation with someone and take from it information, such as dates, time, places and favors to remind/warn you later about it. It also has the function of recording by command and you can create a list of things to do, so “GA” can remind you to do, like” when you leave home in the morning, it asks you to not forget keys, passport, sandwich, turn off the light.

The following example shows the story of Hannah, who has a problem with organizing time and forgetfulness. She easily loses attention, is distracted, and is often late because of it. The "Guardian Angel" urges her to watch her time. Hannah also listed things in the GA app that she wanted the assistant to remind her not to forget when she left home.

And this is the story of Peter, who also has a problem with the fact that he is often late and at work which makes it difficult for him to finish his work on time, and his boss knows that he cannot be relied on. Peter also doesn't do what he promises, he forgets about meetings and favours. That's why Peter got a "Guardian Angel" to help him organize his time, work and to motivate him to get things done.

Elena Firstova

I work mainly in the digital sphere, creating a visual identity and helping to transmit visions through the online world. In parallel, I create and am interested in projects that are designed to help adults and children in the social sphere. I focus on areas that need innovative solutions to the problem.