Audrey, your future - visualised

Helena Volarikova . MA Future Design

”Audrey” is a personal wealth assistant for people who don’t know anything about investing. It helps people make smarter financial decisions by visualising the impact of such decisions on their future. It also aims to make personal finance less time-consuming and complicated.

In today's world, financial investments are becoming a life-saving activity for our future and retirement. Most people like you or I, unfortunately, are not educated enough to know the ropes of the world of investments. We are overwhelmed with volatile behaviour of financial markets, coronavirus crisis, inflation rates, chess moves of leading corporations… Don't you feel our future is being threatened? The clock is ticking…

Audrey takes you to your future virtual home. In that room, she interactively generates a projection of your future. All that you will see, is based on the financial choices you make today. She can easily simulate the most probable risks and benefits related to your financial status and investment approach in a very simple way. Just use the sliders to adapt to your vision - all you need to do is to adjust the initial deposit, monthly payment, your desired age of retirement, and choose from the three types of tailored investment approaches to see the results straight away! She can even plan for you how to free yourself from your job earlier! And if you don't like it, it’s ok. She is your assistant, not your boss.

Here you can watch the app prototype in action.

Helena Volarikova

Helena is a Graphic, UI, and UX Designer based in the Czech Republic. She has got a graphic design diploma at the College of Art and Advertising in Prague, and then she continued with bachelor studies of Informatics on Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. At present, she is working as a Visual Designer at FNZ company. During her extensive career, she has worked on various design projects targeting European, American, and Asian markets. She has worked with clients like Allianz, Societe Generale, Vanguard, Municipal Theatres of Prague and Xacti, to name a few.

She solves complex problems through design thinking, UX research, and a bit of optimism. Her aim is to make meaningful experiences that are trusted and easy to use. She is a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, and she is interested in design innovation and discovering new trends. Through her Master's project of Future Design at Prague College, she pursues her interest in a visual representation of investment data and design innovation of financial applications.